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Specialized Assessment Worker (Posting 2736-12)

Children's Services Worker- Specialized Assessments Caseworker (2736-12)  
Deadline to Apply: 
September 15, 2021
Work Location:
Hamilton County Job and Family Services
222 East Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Work Hours:  Full time - 80 Hours Bi-Weekly
Starting Salary: 
$ 18.17 an hour 
NOTE: Applicants for positions with Hamilton County Job and Family Services are subject to background screening in accordance with the document: Inventory of Criminal Offenses Ruling Out Consideration for Hire. Convictions from this list may disqualify a candidate for employment with HCJFS.
Requirements (Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification): 

  • Bachelor's degree in Social Work (or Human Services related) or Master’s degree in Social Work (or Human Services related).
  • Must possess a valid driver's license issued in the state of residency.
  •  Must have the use of an insured automobile.
  • A criminal records check conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and the FBI is required.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: (*Indicates can be developed after employment)
Knowledge of: 
OAC/ORC as relevant to Children’s Services Practice, Children’s Services Policy and Procedure, Hamilton County Policy and Procedures, government structure and process; motivational and forensic interviewing, trauma informed practices, case management, child welfare practice; safety decision making
Skill in: 
Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Organization, Family centered, strength-based approach when engaging children and families; interpretation and application of training, instructional and procedural materials; professional in crisis and stressful situations, demonstrates proficiency in mobile technology
Ability to:
Professionally and respectfully communicate, maintain confidentiality, develop good rapport with clients, work independently, clinically analyze and draw conclusions from information collection; understand written and verbal instructions; prepare concise and accurate written documents and reports; maintain confidentiality, work cooperatively with other agency staff, supervisors and administrators, external professionals and community partners

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Human Services or closely related field
  • Or Master’s degree in Social Work (or Human Services related field)
  • Must have a car, valid driver’s license issued by the state of residency and required auto liability insurance.

  • Degree in Social Work
  • Licensed Social Worker

  • Potential to see and/or hear traumatic events/situations
  • Drive long distances (no overnight required)
  • Frequently enter and exit motor vehicle
  • Lift and carry children, child car seats, and infant carrier and large case files
  • Stand for long periods of time, frequently climb and descend stairs
  • Significant walking to, from, and during home visits, supervised visitation, court, meetings, and other obligations
  • Sit for extended periods while working on the computer, during home visits, court hearings etc.
  • Stooping, bending, crouching

  • Potentially dangerous situations that could involve upset or violent adults and children
  • Animals, insects, rodents in family homes
  • Unstable structures
  • Drive to and conduct home visits despite extreme temperatures and inclement weather
Background checks consistent with requirements in OAC 5101:2-5-09 must be completed at employment and every ten years following, including but not limited to the following systems:  

  • State Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS)
  • State Child/Abuse Neglect Central Registry Check for any state in which the applicant resided within the last five years
  • Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification Investigation (BCI)
  • FBI
  • National Sex Offender Public website (WWW.NSOPW.Gov) Code 5101:2-5-09 must be conducted for each prospective employee
Job Duties (Summary):

  • Responds to and completes Specialized and Third-Party Assessments of child safety in response to Intake Reports of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and/or neglect of children when the maltreater is responsible for the care of a child in an out-of-home care setting (i.e. school teacher, day camp counselor, foster parent, kinship provider, pre-finalized adoptive parent, employee of a residential facility, licensed/approved child care provider or facility), has access to child by virtue of his/her employment or affiliation with an institution (i.e. Boy/Girl Scout leader, athletic coach), or has a potential conflict of interest with agency (i.e. employee, contract provider).
  • Conducts face to face interviews with children, caregivers/parents/out of home caretakers, alleged maltreaters and witnesses. Collects pertinent collateral information from other persons, service providers, and community partners. Consults with Utilization Management, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS), law enforcement, licensing authorities, and other collateral parties as necessary.
  • Provides recommendations relating to the ongoing use of an out of home care provider and/or conditions of corrective action. Makes licensing recommendations to licensing entities. Completes required notifications to out of home care settings and licensing and supervising authorities.  
  • Responds to and completes Ongoing Assessments of child safety in response to Intake Reports of physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and dependency screened in on Cases receiving Ongoing case management services. Works collaboratively with Ongoing staff who have primary case responsibility. 
  • Meets mandated time frames and in accordance with federal, state and agency policy.
  • Reviews previous Children’s Services history, criminal history, court involvement and other applicable information for all individuals associated with Intake report. 
  • Conducts and engages families in face to face interviews with all children in the household of assessment, parent/caregiver(s), and alleged maltreater(s) to determine child safety. Conducts interviews in homes, schools, hospitals, and other community settings as required. Assessment shall include pertinent information collection from all parties regarding alleged maltreatment, surrounding circumstances, adult and child functioning, parenting practice and discipline to ensure an accurate safety determination
  • In consultation with supervisor, conducts informed response to Intake Reports, assesses and determines child safety at every contact, identifies present and impending danger threats to child safety, and determines the disposition of the Intake Report within mandatory time frames. 
  • Gathers information and analyzes parent/caregiver/placement provider protective capacities. 
  • Partners with family and/or treatment team to develop and implement safety plans (present danger and impending danger) for children determined not to be safe. 
  • When necessary, seeks medical evaluation of alleged child victims and completes referrals to law enforcement.  
  • Responsible for written documentation of assessment activities within required time frames including but not limited to Safety and Family Assessments, Ongoing and Specialized Assessments, Activity Logs, and Present Danger and Impending Danger Safety Plans. 
  • Responsible for other mandated paperwork as outlined by state regulations and agency policy.  
  • Consults with the Prosecutors office and seeks Court intervention as needed. Prepares Requests for Legal Action and provides court testimony to support Children’s Services position. Responsible for case presentation at Dispositional Appeal Hearings and Foster Home Quality Review. Attends all relevant Dependency and Criminal Court Hearings as related to case assignments. Participates in Child Abuse Team Meeting with Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Team when necessary.
  • Attends required training. Must attend and complete Caseworker CORE Training within first year of employment and thirty-six hours for every year thereafter. Must attend twelve hours of Domestic Violence Training and Human Trafficking Training within first two years of employment.
  • Must be available to communicate during work hours and on emergency basis for after-hours calls; Performs other related duties as assigned.
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