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International Crisis Behavior Project, Paid Intern – Fall 2022

*Applications must be submitted through START's website here. Applications submitted via Handshake will NOT be considered.*


The International Crisis Behavior Project (ICB) has for over 40 years collected and analyzed data on all military security crises in the international system, from 1918 to the present. ICB focuses on crucial themes including crisis trigger, major response, crisis management techniques, third party intervention including mediation, and forms of crisis outcomes. The project is currently engaged in collecting and analyzing data on the behavior of interacting states in so-called gray zone crises, that is, conflict short of full scale war. We are particularly interested in understanding the types of actions a state can take in order to try to prevent crises from escalating to war, as well as the role of proxy actors (such as non-state actors) in these types of situations.
This internship provides an opportunity to work closely on a U.S. Department of Defense funded research project. Interns will work with experienced data coders and faculty members in designing the data collection assignments, and will also participate in the development of analyses for papers to be presented at professional meetings.  
By joining the ICB Project, students will experience what it is like to be a member of a large, multi-disciplinary team of researchers focusing on policy relevant questions in the area of national security. Interns will also gain valuable data management and analytical skills, will be able to network with academic leaders and peers, and participate in career development workshops. 
Supervisor: Jonathan Wilkenfeld (
Deadline: Extended to Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 11:59pm ET 
US Citizenship Required: No
Team Meeting Times: TBD 
Stipend amount: $2,250 for the 15 week fall term
Remote vs. In-person: In-person
The ICB Project is seeking 2 interns for the fall 2022 semester. Interns must be either upper-level undergraduates or graduate level students. The interns will:
  • Work with ICB senior staff in identifying variables with particular focus on escalation management in gray zone crises (such as Ukraine, South China Sea, Syria, Yemen);
  • Participate with ICB senior staff in the development of coding procedures and codebooks for further data collection;
  • Identify hypotheses to be tested in follow-on simulation and experimental work.
Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
  • Research on deterrence in international conflicts and crises;
  • Identification of key variables for analysis;
  • Preliminary analysis of data;
  • Preliminary identification of research questions for further analysis.
General Information for all START Internships
START is headquartered at the University of Maryland, College Park, and will be offering its internship program in-person for the fall 2022 semester.
Schedule Requirements:
Orientation Date: Thursday, August 25, 2022. All interns are required to attend orientation. You may be required to attend an additional day of orientation on Friday, August 26, 2022. Your supervisor will inform you if you are required to attend both days.
Internship Duration: Thursday, August 25, 2022 to Friday, December 2, 2022. All interns must be able to commit to the duration of the whole program.
Work Hours: All interns must work at least 10 hours per week during the fall 2022 program. Work hours are scheduled from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. Interns may not work longer than 8-hour or shorter than 2 hour shifts.
Other Information:
  • All internships include a stipend of $2,250 for the fall and spring semesters, and $3,000 for the summer term.
  • The University of Maryland has several opportunities for students to apply for other internship stipends. Please note that START is not involved in the application or review process for these stipends, with the exception of the Paul Gallo Memorial Scholarship for Non-Traditional Student Interns. Non-UMD students are encouraged to check with their home institutions for other stipend opportunities.
  • The Ammerman Foundation Student Veteran Professional Development Fund:
  • Paul Gallo Memorial Scholarship for Non-Traditional Student Interns:
  • We strongly encourage and recommend that interns seek academic credit for their internship through their home institution or department, if possible.
  • If undertaking the internship for credit, please indicate this on your application form. Be sure to notify your internship supervisor if you need to work more than 10 hours per week for this reason.
  • Applicants interested in applying for an internship for any semester other than or in addition to the fall 2022 semester, must submit a separate application for each semester with the correct application form for that semester.
How to Apply for START Internships:
START is currently accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester. Please make sure you check the dates for the project you’re interested in to make sure they’re available during the semester you intend to apply. The fall application deadline has been extended to 11:59pm ET on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Applications submitted after June 21, incomplete applications, or applications not submitted correctly will not be considered. To access the application: click here.
  • Due to the high volume of applications, only top candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. 
  • All internships include a stipend of $2,250 for the fall and spring semesters, and $3,000 for the summer term.
  • Applicants must pay close attention to the requirement of the internship they are applying for, including attendance to team meetings and the minimum time commitment. Inability to attend compulsory meetings or work the minimum required hours will result in rescinding of offer.
  • Applicants who identify two additional internship projects of interest may be considered for those projects if they are not selected for the project in which they are applying.
  • Any successful applicant will be asked to respond with a firm acceptance within 24 hours of the offer being made. Failure to respond could result in your place being given to another applicant.
  • Failure to complete this form in full or submit the proper materials according to the directions provided above could result in your application being rejected without further consideration.
  • All interns must attend START Intern Orientation.
  • All interns must be able to participate in the internship program for the duration of the program/semester dates. 
  • Questions about specific internships, their requirements or subject matter should be directed to the supervisor contact listed for each project on the START internship web page.
If you have difficulty submitting your application or have questions about your application status, please contact us at
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Discrimination against individuals on the grounds of disability is prohibited. The University also strictly prohibits retaliation against persons arising in connection with the assertion of rights under this Policy.
Application Materials:
All internship applicants must submit all materials in one .pdf file using the file name format:
LastName, FirstName_InternCandidate.pdf or .doc.
 The internship application packet should include the following documents in the following order:
  • One page cover letter
  • One page resume
  • Official or unofficial transcript(s)
  • Two-page writing sample (Communications applicants must submit two writing samples.)
Note for International Students:
START welcomes applications from international students for all of our internships where US citizenship is not a requirement (see the qualifications listed for each project for details).
It is, however, the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their visa or immigration status permits them to undertake an unpaid internship. It is also the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all proper paperwork, like documented approval from your home institution, is available and processed in time for the start of the internship. Failure to comply with these stipulations, or provide the paperwork required to verify your status, will result in your internship offer being rescinded without further consideration. START is unable to sponsor visas for non-US Citizens due to the short timeline of our program and the lengthy processing time for visas. Unfortunately, this largely limits our ability to accept anything other than F-1 visas on regular, not OPT, status.