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Engineer-in-Training I, Bridge Asset Management - Denver, CO

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The Engineer-in-Training I learns to maintain the Department's structure databases and electronic records and provide engineering analysis and reports on this data This position supports the software utilities, processes, and documentation for maintaining, accessing, and reporting the Department's structure data; researches and learns about any future structure asset management software, especially BrM (Bridge Management) and National Bridge Inventory data systems and requirements; provides support for the Department's application of BrM for asset management or future bridge management systems; and, using structural engineering principles, learns to develop new and improved asset management models to help increase the efficiency and minimize risk to the deterioration of our highway structures.
Major Duties - This position performs the following under the guidance and direction of a licensed Professional Engineer:
  • Using engineering principles, maintains and learns to create electronic tools and computations to be used by this position and others to manage structure databases and electronic records and facilitate analysis, data entry, quality control, reporting, and accessibility. 
  • Assists with identifying and addressing any issues with the tools used to maintain and report the electronic structure records. 
  • Learns to apply structural engineering theories and practices to assist with recommendations for appropriate bridge planned preventive maintenance and capital construction actions to most cost effectively maintain the Department's structures. 
  • Upon request, provides Department employees with data to assist their decision making at the structure and system levels. 
  • Learns to assist with structure and system level data-driven decisions.
  • Learns to determine and report on Colorado element and structural deterioration curves based on available data.
  • Updates and maintains the database for current preservation action costs. 
  • Provides information to staff on current policies and methods that are used to project conditions and evaluates preservation actions.
  • Learns to assist with conducting and verifying statewide and regional condition projection scenarios and funding scenarios.
  • Presents and makes available any results of analysis to other Department employees, other technical professionals, and the public as determined appropriate.
  • Learns to identify and assist with developing proposed improvements for the Department's structure asset management databases, activities, software, and processes using engineering judgement and principles. 
  • Learns to identify and assist with developing proposed improvements to the Department's structural records, their availability for use by others, and associated processes. Utilizes information on the structural asset management practices of other DOT's to assist with recommendations for improvements; utilizes information on the structural asset management practices outlined through best practices, academia, and research.
  • Learns to create standard reports for use by others.
  • Maintains familiarity with the operation of BrM and other structure management software from the general to the specific.
  • Obtains information from CDOT data repositories (BrM, SAP, DTD, ProjectWise, etc) and learns to interpret the information.
  • Keeps BrM and other applications up-to-date as new versions are released and more advanced technology becomes available. 
  • Provides assistance and insight into keeping the BrM, data processing, and electronic records management portions of the Bridge Asset Management Manual up to date and assists with the development of new guidance, standards, and specifications as needed.
  • Assists with training Department employees and consultants working for the Department in the use of the Department’s structure databases and any related software.
  • Reads industry publications and attend training, seminars, and presentations to maintain an understanding of new structural asset management software applications, practices, and research. 
  • As assigned, cross trains in the Bridge Inspection Unit and assists the Unit with inspections of in-service bridges and reporting
  • Helps coordinate, schedule, troubleshoot, and streamline data entry, archiving, checking, and reporting activities by the unit.  
  • Assists others in the Bridge Asset Management unit with their duties when they are out of the office or need the additional help.
  • As assigned, manages the Staff Bridge Web presence, shared folders, and servers. 
  • Other duties as assigned.

Work Environment:
  • Typical work schedule is Monday through Friday daytime hours.
  • Daytime travel during business hours to meetings, assist with training, attend training, and drive to project sites to assist with inspections. 
  • 2-5% overnight travel for inspection trips or conferences.
  • Will be required to drive CDOT vehicles.


Must have a Bachelor's Degree in engineering from an accredited institution by September 22, 2022.  Unless applying under Substitutions, a copy of your transcript(s) or NACES credential report must be submitted with your application. 
 Transcripts must show either:
  • A degree in engineering has been conferred.
  • All engineering and other course work.